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Tel: 604-530-5825 #5-5761 Glover Road Langley, BC V3A 8M8

Thank you for considering St. Luke Family Practice as your source of primary health care. We are honoured that you have confidence in us to manage your medical needs.
Please read on to help you learn more about our philosophy and policies.

Our focus is family medicine.

We address all types of health issues ranging from acute illnesses and chronic problems to preventive medicine advice. We hold privileges at Langley Memorial Hospital and will attend to patients in nursing homes in the Langley area. The clinic also features a state-of-the-art room for performing minor procedures.

We do not directly deliver maternity services, but we will see to your early prenatal needs and subsequently refer to the appropriate physicians.

Dr. Leo K.H. Wong will be at the clinic most of the time. If you are seen at another hospital or by another physician, please indicate his full name (with the middle initials) as your primary physician. On occasion, Dr. Flora F.M. Wong, will also be working at the clinic.

Two vital aspects of our practice

As a patient of St. Luke Family Practice, you must be willing to see either physician for all conditions, including pap smears or complete physical exams.

Just as we will always respect your beliefs, we wish to disclose that for ethical reasons, the clinic will not prescribe morning after pills (MAP) or refer patients for elective termination of pregnancies (abortions).

If either of these points present a significant problem for you, St. Luke Family Practice would not be an ideal place for your primary care needs.


You can make an appointment by phoning the clinic. During office hours, you have the option of leaving a voice message which will be answered within an hour if we are unable to respond immediately. You may also leave voice messages after hours.

Our goal is to stay on time, minimizing your wait. We will start on time as much as possible. Please try to be prompt for your appointments.

  • same day appointments will be available for acute problems or urgent medication renewals.
  • appointment slots are designed to accommodate a history, examination and discussion of one issue only (and prescription renewal if required).
  • a limited number of appointments are available each day to allow for more complicated problems, complete exams or prolonged counseling. Please inform our receptionist if you wish to book one of these appointments.
  • if required, please cancel any appointments at least a day in advance. We will be unable to offer our continued services for repeated “no show” patients.


    We will generally not renew prescriptions over the phone. Our policy is to give sufficient amount of medications to last until your next appointment is required. There will be a charge for phone renewals.

    Test Results

    Results from lab tests and x-rays will not be given out over the phone. We will contact you if there is a result that needs urgent attention. Otherwise, we are happy to review the results with you at a future appointment.

    After hours consultation

    St. Luke Family Practice will endeavour to provide availability for after hours telephone consultation for urgent problems. This is not covered by your Carecard, the provincial medicare plan, and you will be charged for this service.

    Your Medical Records

    St. Luke Family Practice is a paperless office. All your medical records will be stored electronically on a secure server that is backed up offsite.

    Please let us know how you prefer the clinic to contact you, whether by message left at home or work, cell phone or email. Email will be used only to notify you of upcoming investigations or appointments with specialists. We will not be accepting or replying to inquires of a medical nature by email.

    We ask that you keep us up to date with your contact information.

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